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Re: [IP] MM508 and Quick Battery Loss " My Experience Quite Long "

I started pumping Oct.7,  with a 507c and minimed let me up grade to a 508
because I could not hear the audible alarms,  "  40% Hearing loss in My
right ear"    I finnaly received my 508 after a month of waiting on Nov. 3,
   And started using it the next morning.    ON Nov.9, at 5:30 PM I noticed
a small Icon on the screen when doing my dinner bolus that looked like a
battery and shure enough Thats what it was!!!!   So I tried Suspending the
pump to see if it would vibrate as a test ,  IT wouldn't  { When batteries
get low on the 508 it goes back to the audible mode to conserve energy}  So
 I changed the batteries and the Icon disapeared , I Then called Minimed
and ask them why these  batteries only lasted  aprox. one week !!!!!   I
probably used the back lite twice , It only vibrated when I suspended it to
shower and never used the remote once?????    The Minimed tech said the
pump probably sat on the shelf with the batteries in it for a month or so
thats why they depleted so fast !!!    I asked him how a pump waiting to be
shiped and only displaying the time can use up batteries that fast!!!!   
He responed with let me put you on hold !!!   Then came back with an answer
like , You probably got a set of bad batteries we will ship you some new
one!!!    I don't know about other 508 users but I am really disapointed in
this pump!!!!!!!!   [Here are my reasons]

1- You can hardly feel the vibrate mode  " Nothing like my pager vibrates" 
  I think most of the vibration is absorbed in the case and belt clip

2- Batteries don't last long!!!!!!!

3- Leather case dose not fit well around the area where the infusion set
connects { But only when you use the Max. reservior setting}       

4- More Difficult to get pump out of case  !!!!!   { Belt clip gets hung

5- The  508 batteries are different!!!!!   #675 verses 375 for the 507c   
{ I have a bunch of 375 batteries they sent me with my 507c !!!     { the
minimed tech. said I could use the 375 batteries in my 508 but they would
not last long!!!!!    { Great just what I want shorter battery life if I
can get it} Jee  wiz!!!!!! can't win!!

Alright I spoke my peice !!!!!!      So for all you pumpers itching to get
you hands on that 508 consider these problems , and don't forget the time
change problem youv'e already read about!!!!!!  

PLEASE NOTE   { These are my opinions , And my opinions Only  ,  Other
Pumpers may have different views about the 508  So don't judge this pump by
only what I say,  listen to what other pumpers have to say also!!!!!! }    
Thank  You    C J Jutras Lewiston , Maine

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