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[IP] corn starch vs corn meal and spiking

In a message dated 11/10/99 10:37:32 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< NiteBite Bars- they have a very slow releasing component
 (cornstarch?) t >>

Kap - age 9 - will be pumping at Christmas - what a gift - 
question is he had cereal this morning w/ 2% milk - Corn meal was first thing 
on list - so i am thinking - ok- corn is is slow to bring #s up - we use 
humalog and nph mixed - and he is having lots of spikes
his am check was 127 - great fasting # - so i covered carb with humalog and 
gave dosage of nph and sent him off to school - and 45 minutes later - 
teacher asked him to test sugar - he didnt look like he felt good - and she 
wanted to know where the # was at since this was a State test - he was 545 - 
what gives - with corn meal - if anyone has info that will help explain this 
(food) - i would be forever grateful 
it has got to more than the carb counting and insulin peaks - 
does anyone have sites for glycemic index - i have Rick's 
darlene (mom to Kap)
forever seeking
Knowledge, Truth and Justice
cant have 1 without the others
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