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[IP] Jokes out of context (as sex with pump)

A few pointers from a person with lots of siblings and a couple of kids:

0] This is not meant personally as I haven't really paid attention to who 
   what, just the continuing thrashing and bashing now going on over this

1] People LOVE people, they LIKE things, they should abhor arguments and 

2] Insensitivity or carelessness is NOT the same as forgetfulness

3] This entire line should be offline as it really has no bearing on pumps or
   diabetes or anything else I could think of that has a place here

4] This discussion has reached the level where I tell my kids it is time for a
   time out: for MOMMY and MYSELF because we can't stand it anymore

5] Too many good people are being hurt by a few people who can't just simply
   say I'm sorry.  I realize that the one who offended didn't mean to and
   probably doesn't want to ever again BUT the fact is someone got really 
   I would imagine if someone made a sharply negative comment about those
   dumb cyborgs who walk around with a pancreas in their pockets instead of in
   their bodies a number of us might get upset

6] Remember: in order for 'support' and 'help' to work one has to be willing 
   listen to what others say.  I don't have to agree, I don't have to like it
   but if I've been told that I'm a nasty person who shouldn't have stuck my
   $0.02 in, even if I still feel I'm okay, the right thing for me to do is to
   aplogies, bury my head for a while and then come back out happy and ready 

Sorry for the above soap-box.  I have been involved in a few lists which have 
fallen apart for lesser things and I think that we all realize the value and
help which this list gives to each of us and the others involved.

Yerachmiel Altman

 This message sent to you from the desk of
  Yerachmiel Bruchya haLevi Altman's computer.

The contents of this message have never been read, none-the-less
checked for validity, truth or political correctness.

All correspondence about this letter should be sent to the author's
mommy who will scold him if need be


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