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Re: [IP] Taking Baths

Bonnie, that little cap actually does nothing to prevent bacteria or
anything else from getting to the infusion set.  It offer no seal
whatsoever against air or liquid from bathing the end of the silhouette
catheter.  The exposed end of the sil is just like the top of an insulin
bottle--nothing except a needle can get into the insulin path.  And surely
nothing can possible leak out.   So the cap offers no protection in a
bath--when you get out of the bath there is the same dirty bath water on
the catheter whether or not you've had the cap on.  This isn't YMMV.  Its
the truth.  Fortunatly, when you reconnect, the needle doesn't carry
anything evil into your body.  As Sara noted, this is just like with a
normal insulin bottle, where many diabetics do multiple punctures with no

<<<<<<If you take a bath, and if you use Silhouettes, you should put that
plug thing back into the part of the silhouette infustion set  that is in
your skin....this prevents any bacteria from getting into your infusion set
inside and keeps any thing from seeping out.   When you take the sil set
out of the package, you will see a sort of plug, which usually gets thrown
away.  I always save a couple for my special bath nights, or swimming
Bonnie Richardson>>>>>>>

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