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[IP] I am about ready to quit

	I am sick and tired of feeling like I am being attacked and I am about
ready to have myself removed from this list.  There are way too many
insensitive people on this list (and I realize some may think that I am
being too sensitive, but feelings can't be changed).  I am on numerous
other lists for other area's of interest to me, and I have NEVER felt
this horrible being a member of a list.  I am sitting here crying right
now.  No one on this list cares whether or not someone has been
offended, all they say to do is "chill out" or "lighten up"  These
comments hurt every bit as much as the initial "insult".
	I am very hurt and upset right now, and I am about ready to drop this
list... I am afraid of what affect it could have on the future of my
daughter's health. It is too bad that the people on this list cannot
understand how hurtful their comments have been, and it will be a shame
that my daughter may end up not benefitting from this list.  It seems
that their are people determined to drive some of us away.  I will hang
on momentarily... but if I continue to feel like this list is doing more
harm then good, or it continues to add this emotional stress and
frustration to my life, I will drop it.  Please help me, I don't want my
daughter to lose out... I care about her health more than anything, but
I am unwilling to put my well being on the line.  Thank you for being so
sweet and for your consideration in this matter.


Carrie Vargas
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