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[IP] Wow...still smiling 8 months later & a bunch of stuff

Hi Folks,

First and foremost, I have directed a lot of people to this wonderful
site and if they are reading this, I want them to realize that everybody
is different, people have different ways of expressing themselves, and
if you aren't comfortable with a posting...skip it.  Main thing, follow
proper netiquette for the site, post questions, realize that what works
for one doesn't always work for another, and absorb, absorb, absorb.
Now, off that topic :-)

I HATE to say this, I really do, but Erica's sugars have been amazing!
I thought things couldn't get better but the past month has  been
UNBELIEVABLE!  A change across the board in basal rates and carb ratios,
was required once Erica went back to school in September.  It took a
while to fine tune things, but hopefully this will last for awhile.  The
reason I hate to say it, is that for some really SPOOKY reason, whenever
I say how well things are going POOF!  The 'nasty pump fairy' drops in
in the middle of the night and waves her wicked wand.

Erica uses the Sils.  We have nothing to compare them to, so this is
rather one sided, but it is our experience.  Erica's sites clear up so
well, that we have a problem with rotating around the body because we
can't find the old sites in order to avoid them.  I know of some people
who develop 'pump bumps' and they are on softsets, but I am sure that
some of the sil users go through the same thing.

If we insert too shallowly, we often see a redness where the end of the
cannula is under the skin.  Although it doesn't look too user friendly,
it has no affect on her sugars.

Sometimes she does get a burning with a bolus, but it doesn't have any
affect on her sugars and usually goes away after the first meal bolus,
which is what usually follows insertion.

The only time Erica had blood fill her cannula was when she (her body)
was 'basal dilated' after getting out of a hot tub.  Sorry that Ruth?
had that problem.  Was it inserted too deeply?  Sorry I don't have any
great advice for you on that Ruth.  I do know however, that although
Erica still cringes with a site change (needlephobe) she is practically
oblivious to having the Silhouette attached.  The low profile and tail
less design make it hard to see, even under a bathing suit.
Psssst....this child, who had site deterioration early into pumping now
goes 3 days, no problem on most sites.  I say most sites because
sometimes (just a few, honest).....she goes four.  Oh PLEASE nasty pump
fairy don't be listening!..lol.

Re disconnecting for a shower.  Erica does disconnect, and if she is in
the mood for a LONG bath or leisurely shower, she checks her daily
totals before disconnecting and lets the pump run.  When she finally
gets out, she checks her daily totals again, and if she has missed too
many basal doses, she will give them then.

We use the cap on the Sil religiously.  She feels better knowing it is
covered, and it has become a habit now.  We usually put alcolol wipes
and spare caps in the blue 'water resistant'  (not to be confused with
the Sportsguard) minimed bag that we got with the pump and that is her
shower and swimming bag.  I would never allow her to go without the cap
at a beach.  Sand is so teeny tiny that I would be afraid granules would
get forced past the membrane on the infusion set.  It just takes a sec
and is worth the peace of mind.  I don't have to describe, to parents in
particular, where sand can get :) We also put her pump in a baggie if
she is wearing it while playing at the beach. Again, perhaps
unnecessary....but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Well, that is it for today.  Just wanted to put in my .02 worth  on a
bunch of topics I have been reading lately.  Like always YMMV, this is
how WE handle Erica's pumping life.  This is not written in stone, and
with pumping we find that you have to be ever so imaginative,open to
change,  quick to problem solve, and slow to panic.  Lot easier said
than done, but life has gotten so much more relaxed with time.  Now if
only the nasty pump fairy would stay away! LOL!!

Barb....Erica's mom

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