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[IP] Benefits for Type 2's

email @ redacted wrote:
> In a message dated 11/3/99 8:11:18 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> email @ redacted writes: 
> <<
>  So I know what he said -- that if he ever needs insulin, he'll go
>  straight to the pump. Pretty good for a Type 2 -- it's about time that
>  the endos started to acknowledge that Type 2's need the tight control
>  and attentive care that Type 1's customarily get (from good endos, that
>  is!)!!!! >>
> please - we are all in this thing together - lets dont divide - type 1 from
> type 2s - from this end - endo has hearing problems both so far - on the way
> to the 3rd
> we all want tight control and endos that listen and advise
> education education and more education on diabetes is in order

I didn't say this to be divisive. I said it because I STRONGLY advocate
good and attentive care for ALL diabetics, and I was simply remarking on
the fact that a huge percentage of Type 2's don't get that care. Type 2
is very easy to ignore, and the medicos and the insurance companies and
the government find it most convenient to do so. 

So I was glad that Dr. Pfeifer was so clear about the benefits of
pumping for insulin-requiring Type 2's -- things like BG meters, strips
and pumps were denied to Type 2's for a VERY long time -- long past the
time when it was acknowledged that these were necessary management tools
for Type 1's. 

There are STILL insurance companies that will not cover strips for Type
2's who are not on insulin, and then there are companies that limit
strips to 25 per month.

Medicare has just agreed to cover pumps -- but only for Type 1's. So if
a Type 2 has been successfully pumping, at this point, it comes to an
end once they go on Medicare. Unless they can convince Medicare to cover
supplies. I don't know if anyone has put it to the test. 

So yes, I agree, we're all in this together, which means advocating for
Type 2 in addition to Type 1. 

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