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Re: [IP] Infusion Sets

Suzanne Hoppe wrote:
> 1)  It seems like whenever I change my infusion set, I use the SoftSet, I
> always seem to pick a "wrong" site.  I end up taking it out and using
> another set.  This is getting expensive and it worries me. 

When inserting a SofSet, once you've taken the introducer needle out,
you can't reuse the set, so I don't take the introducer needle out until
I've poked and pressed it a bit -- that will tell me if it's gonna hurt
or not. If it hurts, I take the whole set out and just stick it
somewhere else. As long as I haven't removed the introducer needle, it
works fine. 

> After two pregnancies... I do have
> quite a "pouch" for a belly with quite a few stretch marks.  Any ideas on
> what I can look for before I insert the set? 

I have a lot of stretch marks below the waist. I've found that they
don't make any difference, but I actually prefer to use the area above
the waist for my insertions. Dunno why. I've tried legs, too, and hated
that, and haven't figured out how to use upper butt, but so far, don't
feel the need, because upper abdomen works so well for me.  

> Also, instead of changing the
> entire set, with all that insulin still in the tubing... do they just make
> the short part of it (you know... right where the infusion set is attached
> to you to where the quick release is.  That way I'd just have to get those
> maybe.  Are they "cheaper"... doubt it.

At this point, I don't think SofSets are available as just the infusion
set without the tubing. It would be nice if they were. You CAN just
change the site, and throw away the extra tubing -- that, at least,
wouldn't waste the insulin, and makes the set change a little faster,
provided you have enough insulin in your syringe to last until next
time! :) 

Sils ARE available as a combo pack of 10 buttons and 5 tubings, and a
lot of people are using them that way with no problem. I wonder if
MiniMed will get the message! 

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