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Re: [IP] nightmares

    I have been diabetic for 16 years and from day one my mom has had dreams 
like that too.  When I went on the pump,I was 100 miles away at school.  I 
came home on a Wednesday night, hooked up on a Thursday morning and left om 
Friday.  The whole time I ran very low.  I was taking almost no insulin and 
was still low.   Naturally, mom was a reck!  After I went back to school was 
when her dreams started.  I got a pone call about 4 am one morning from her.  
I thought something has happened.  Come to find out she called to tell me to 
check my blood sugar b/c she thought I was not getting insulin.!!!  We laugh 
about it now, but I though t she was going to go crazy b/c she kept having 
dreams about me having high since I was not taking shots anymore. 

      At least we know you care.  

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