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Greetings Ip-ers:
   Just 2 quick items to pass on:
   a) the newest Diabetes Interview (page 46) mentions a new 3rd edition of 
Pumping Insulin coming out in December with new information on Humalog, etc. 
Can call 800-988-4772 for more info or check out the Diabetes Mall at 
  b) just cleaned out Melissa's huge "PUMP" binder & found the nutritional 
information I'd gotten from the CINNABON mall shop for their product:  a 
small cinnabon is 330 calories and 48 grams of carbohydrate....a large one is 
810 calories and 120 grams.....They lost their "appeal" for Melissa when she 
stared at the large one and said "I'd have to take TWELVE units of insulin 
for THAT?" (not to mention knowing it was over 800 calories!!.....file that 
info under "ignorance WAS bliss!")

Regards, Renee ( pump-mom)
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