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Re: [IP] bedtime snacks

>What are some good bedtime snacks that will carry you through the night.
>Kim S.
>Erika's mom, 20 y/o w/cystic fibrosis, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy and


In pre-pump days, I was extremely prone to nighttime lows, & tried
everything under the sun to help it, to no avail.  The thing that finally
worked for me was NiteBite Bars- they have a very slow releasing component
(cornstarch?) that allows them to help keep sugar moving into your system in
small increments for six-to-eight hours.  Once I started eating one of these
each night before bed, the lows stopped.  They are advertized in at least
one of the major diabetes magazines (Diabetes Self-Management or Diabetes
Forecast, I think- maybe both!) & I took the add down to a local drugstore &
they ordered them for me.  I've also seen them on the shelf at Marc's, if
you have any of those in your area.  I know that another company is making a
similar product I've seen in the magazines as well...maybe Glucobar?

Anyway, if you are looking for a way to cut down on nighttime lows, these
are definitely worth looking into!


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