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Re: [IP] doing sils for first time / blood

>on another note...since we are new to sils.  what does she do with the
>little plastic protector cap that she puts on the pump tubing end while
>showering?  where do y'all keep it?


If the sils are the same as tenders, there should be 2 caps- one that clicks
onto the tubing end & one that clicks onto the site end, when the two are
separated for something like a shower.  Those two caps snap together when
not in use...I keep them in a little bowl on my dresser (which is where my
pump goes when I'm in the bathtub or for "intimate moments"  :)  - I'm a
little older than Geneva!).  Since each time I switch to a new site/tubing
set I become the proud owner of another set of caps, I make sure I keep an
extra set in my glucometer bag, so if I need them when I'm away from home,
I've got them.


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