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>> I also have had diabetes 23 yrs and am 34 yrs old.  I have always wanted
>> throw myself into ketoacidoses to loose weight but never have the
courage?  I
>> feel so bad when I'm high I can't stand it.  Anytime my surgars go much
>> 170 I feel awful.  I have always thought that would be an easy way to
drop a
>> couple of pounds.  Wish I had the gusts to do it.  Please let me know
>> you have to say about this.

I saw a book at Barnes & Noble a few months back (& if there's one being
published, there are bound to be more) on weight-loss plans specifically for
diabetes.  These could probably be looked up through their website, or
through Amazon online...that sounds like such a better route to go than
doing something designed to hurt you.  Chopping off an arm would also be an
"easy way" to drop fifteen pounds...but is it worth it?  I weigh more right
now than I ever have in my life, & I know that part of that came about when
I began to work in earnest to gain control over my blood sugars.  I'm not
terribly overweight, but I could stand to take off maybe twenty pounds.  Am
I happy about this bit of extra weight & wearing bigger jeans?  Not a bit!
Am I happy about the improved blood sugars, overall better health, &
increased chances of longer life with less complications?  You betcha I am!!
A little unhealthy weight-loss right now would not vaguely be a worthwhile
trade for damaged vision & neuropathy a few years down the road.  Please
consider the long-term when you look at these kind of things as options.

I'm sorry if I sound harsh with the "arm" comment...this type of thing makes
me very angry right now.  I have a good friend who has prided herself for
years on her excellent control.  The problem is, she became too good-
developed a body-image problem & learned to manipulate her sugar levels
periodically to lose weight & to reinforce an eating disorder.  Now at the
ripe old age of twenty-four, she is facing kidney damage due to guess what?
Her habit of using that diabetic control (& selectively nurturing highs or
excessive lows to suit her purposes) to facilitate the eating disorder.  Did
this have to happen?  NO!!  We all live with our choices...I just hate
hearing anyone consider choices that have the potential to hurt them in this
way.  Anyone considering ketoacidosis as a conscious choice should go &
spend some time in a hospital's renal unit, looking hard at & listening to
the patients suffering this kind of damage.  (When I went in for my pump
training, that's the floor I ended up on...a lesson that can be learned no
other way.)  There but for the grace of god (& common sense) go you or I...

I wish you the very best of luck as far as losing weight goes...I'm hoping
some of that luck comes my way as well!  :)


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