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[IP] Soccer Marathons

Hey Robin,
So glad to hear Kevin's sugars are good - did you ever think you'd get to
this point?  We did Disney in May - no problems at all with the pump.  We
thought we might have to reduce insulin because of all the walking - but,
there's a lot of standing in line, and a lot of the rides and shows are
pretty passive, too, so we really didn't end up changing things at all.
Have a great time!

As far as soccer marathons - Jenna doesn't do soccer, but for 2 weeks this
summer, she did gymnastics camp for 8 hours a day.  Her regular practices
are 3 hours, so I didn't think it would be that different - and boy, was I
wrong!  We ended up decreasing her basal rates to 60% around the clock,
using a 1:20 instead of 1:10 insulin: carb ratio, and still having to use
about 30 grams of unmatched carbs each morning and afternoon.  It was
amazing!  So for an all day soccer fest, I would decrease those basals, eat,
and check, check, check - and still be prepared to be low.  BTW, for anyone
who cares, we have found that ice cream bars by Eskimo pie are the best
thing to keep Jen's sugars up for sports - seems the milk sugars are a
little longer acting, and I wonder if the cold ice cream in a warm tummy
doesn't spread out the absorption a little.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 17:44:20 EST

<<Friday we are going on an extended weekend to Orlando!
Kevins bg's are great and havent had any troubles lately...
Kevin is going to have a 2 day (4 games) soccer
tournament next weekend. We have trouble regulating after 1 game...I dunno
what will happen with 2 in a day. He usually goes low about 3-4 hours after
game if we arent careful. We reduce basals to 60% and he gets some freebies.
ANyone ever do this kind of marathon soccer??>>

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