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Re: [IP] Infusion Sets(kinda long)

       Do you have alot of scar tissue on your stomach?  I know some people 
get it from doing so many injections in the stomach over the years.  I try to 
feel around on my stomach before inserting to make sue there is none there.  
If you are not sure,your doc or CDE can show you how to check for it.  

As far as I know you have to buy the whole infusion set.  What I do is I pull 
air back into the syringe while the tubing is still attached.  This gets most 
of the insulin.
  As far as your cycle, YMMV, but I always get low right before mine.  That 
is one way I know it is getting ready to start.  Like this week, I ate an 
large apple the other night before going to bed.  I couldn't help myself, it 
looked sooo good.  I usually don't eat after 6 or so at night, but I just had 
to cheat.  I did not cover this with a bolus like I normally would.  I told 
myself I knew that I would pay for not taking anything the next morning, but 
I woke at 52!!!!  

 Kinda off the topic here but does anyone notice that they will have a dream 
about being low and the wake up to check and discover that they are actually 
low?  I have started to notice this pattern.  I always dream that I am 
treating a low and I OVER treat by eating a whole thing of Ben and Jerrys or 
a whole box of cookies.  Then I wake up, check and I really am low.  Maybe I 
am strange like this.

     Feel free to ask anymore questions.

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