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[IP] Infusion Sets

I've been pumping for about 3 weeks now.  Am really loving my freedom and 
have actually lost almost 10 pounds... I LOVE not having to eat when I don't 
want to!

I have two questions:

1)  It seems like whenever I change my infusion set, I use the SoftSet, I 
always seem to pick a "wrong" site.  I end up taking it out and using 
another set.  This is getting expensive and it worries me.  Any advise 
anyone can give would be appreciated.  After two pregnancies... I do have 
quite a "pouch" for a belly with quite a few stretch marks.  Any ideas on 
what I can look for before I insert the set?  Also, instead of changing the 
entire set, with all that insulin still in the tubing... do they just make 
the short part of it (you know... right where the infusion set is attached 
to you to where the quick release is.  That way I'd just have to get those 
maybe.  Are they "cheaper"... doubt it.

2)  This is for the woman.  Sorry guys if I'm getting alittle "personal" 
here, but, when you go through your cycles ladies, do you see your basal 
rates need to be adjusted???  It seems my rates are perfect and then boom... 
right before I start my cycle, haven't eaten, my blood sugars go up, and 
then they go way down during my cycle.  Any suggestions on that would sure 
help me out!!!

Thanks so much everyone :-)


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