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Re: [IP] rep starting pump

Randall Winchester wrote:
> The problem is that many doctors don't have a clue about the proper start up
> rates

When I started, I told my doc what the basal rates were going to be. The
CDEs wouldn't venture a guess, and it was clear that the doc didn't
know, whereas I have a pretty good idea of what insulin does in my body,
and I had read Pumping Insulin cover to cover twice!

I actually hit fairly close -- had to increase the rate for the wee
hours of the morning, and decrease the rate for the post-dawn hours, and
am still playing with the afternoon and evening, but still, doing pretty

First post-pump A1c was 6.4 and the second one was 6.1 -- remembering
that I'm a low glycosylator, I'd like it a little lower, but still I
feel like I'm in the ball park. 

Diabetes is a disease that absolutely requires the intelligent
cooperation of the patient -- to brainlessly rely on medical
professionals is foolish. The professionals can advise and educate, yes,
but only in a general way -- YOU have to be the expert on YOUR diabetes,
or it will never work!


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