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In a message dated 11/9/99 1:01:02 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< < I was simply trying to determine if
  anyone else had ever experienced feeling "better" when blood sugars are
  high. I guess I need to take my question somewhere else. >>
 Didn't want to beat up anyone.  Only it strikes a nerve to hear anyone even 
 suggest it when it has brought such anguish and concern to my life.  I only 
 want to wanted to help, kinda like if you see someone on a road with a semi 
 heading for them, your reflex is to pull them to safety.
 ------------------- >>
I think you did a great job of informing others of the danger of 
"ketoacidosis dieting".  The majority of us spend every waking hour trying to 
"control" blood sugars----it is definitely bizarre to me NOT TO!!!!!
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