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[IP] Get you flu shot if you have not yet...


Report on Medicine for Tuesday, November 9, 1999 
This is Lou Adler with Report on Medicine. It's the flu season again. Dr. Jean 
Patton, Medical Director of Industrial Healthcare in Connecticut, says if you 
haven't been vaccinated -- do it -- now: Ct #1 runs :14 "At this time of the 
year, it's very important to get the influenza vaccine. That is a vaccine 
specifically for the influenza virus and that begins effecting people in the 
Northeast and throughout the country in early December through March." The flu 
spreads quickly though respiratory secretions such as those from coughs and 
sneezes. At greatest risk are those 65 and older -- people with heart or lung 
disease and Diabetics. Dr. Patton says the virus can be serious: Ct #2 runs 
:21 "Influenza is a very specific virus that causes headache, body aches, high 
fever and respiratory symptoms and depending on the individual if they are ill 
or have altered immunity, or chronic diseases, it can actually kill the 
individual. between 20 and 40 thousand people in this country die each year 
from influenza virus." While the vaccine is not 100% effective, it reduces 
your chances of getting the flu, and, if you do get it, the case will be 
milder. Report on Medicine. I'm Lou Adler.

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