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[IP] What do the Admins do?


I'd like to take this opportunity to tell you about what it is like to be
an admin for the Insulin-Pumpers list.  First, we are all people living
with diabetes: either ourselves, or one of our children.  We are all
volunteers, and we donate several hours each week to IP to keep the train
running.  Most of us have full-time jobs, are full-time students (in the
case of one admin, both!) and we have families and hobbies.  We are glad to
donate our time, though, because we believe in Insulin-Pumpers.  Our lives
have all been improved by participation in the IP lists.

Mostly, our responsibilities are to review new member profiles, and we help
members switch from one type of membership to another, or we help people
with email problems, etc.

Do we monitor the discussion on the IP list? Yes.  Insulin-Pumpers prides
itself in being a friendly forum, free from personal harrassment and
flames.  Many people have expressed their relief to find a list where
flaming is not tolerated.  For those of you who have written to us with
your support, thank you!  It really means a lot to us. 

We recognize the importance of being able to speak up on "uncomfortable"
issues. We also recognize the tremendous importance of humor in our lives.
For those reasons, we welcome discussion on a broad range of topics.
However, sometimes the discussion turns down a path that clearly is not
related to pumping or diabetes.  In those cases, we try to remind people to
keep the discussion on topic.  Remember, there are over 1800 members who
can/do read your mail.  In the case of personal flames directed at an
individual, we also step in and ask the parties involved to take the
discussion off the list. We have guidelines regarding posting ettiquette,
or "netiquette" published on the IP website. Here's the URL:


Do we ever unsubscribe members against their will?  Yes.  One circumstance
that does merit immediate removal is the use of profane/obscene language.
I can think of three instances where this has happened.  In other
situations, we establish a private dialogue with the member to let them
know of the problem.  If they continue to disregard our requests, they will
be unsubscribed.  I can think of six times that this has happened in the
two years since IP was formed.  Considering that we have a membership of
over 1800 members, these people represent less than 1% of the membership.
That is a super record, and all of you are to be commended for keeping IP
an open forum for discussion on pumping/diabetes related issues.

If you ever have a concern about how this list is administered, we welcome
your comments.  We know we aren't perfect.  There is often a gray area
between what is OK, and what is not.  We try to use our best judgment and
to be fair.  You can reach us by writing to <HELP@insulin-pumpers.org>.
Please be patient, we don't sit at our computers 24/7 :-)  We currently
have a waiting list of people who have volunteered to help as admins. If
you would like to add your name to that waiting list, please contact me.

Mary Jean Renstrom
IP admin leader 
mailto:email @ redacted

for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml