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RE: [IP] Censorship, almost

At 04:24 PM 11/9/1999 , you wrote:
>If the admins for this group decide you are uncool, you will dissappear from
>the list, so maybe Sam may have been giving you some helpful advice so you
>won't get kicked off.
>Tyronne Thomas

We are not that bad are We?  haha

I Just want to say that if someone is having a problem with the list or 
anything concerning the list Please Let us know..  either to :


or to one of the Adm email... Mine is ALWAYS open to everyone:

email @ redacted

And please let not post a counter attack to the list..

we do not ever just kick anyone off for no reason we all are pretty good 
about trying to correct some problems that arise when you get 1800+ people 

now stepping down..

and remember  PUMP ON!!!

Brian Carter
One of the Adm.

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