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Re: [IP] Help please - weight loss :-)

On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, Leanna Crotty wrote:

> Hello Everyone. I am interested in seeing what
> everyone has to say about this: weight loss. I am 20
> years old, 5'10", and I would like to lose 15 pounds.
> I wear a size 10 in most things, but would feel more
> comfortable at an 8.  Any ideas? I have never tried
 Leanna...  i dunno... i think it sounds pretty good...  (i'm 22, 5' 9"
140lbs and i wear anything from a size 8 up to a size 12 depending on the
store/brand)  you're quite tall, be careful about judging your body size
based on clothing...  seems to me that 5' 10", active and a size 10 are
all good things to be, and shooting for a size 8, is like tryihng to have
bg's of 100 all the time...  it's an arbitrary number, and varies
immensely in is meaning...  (sometimes 100, implies you're dropping/rising
too quickly, sometimes it's a fine place to keep your bg...)  basically
what i'm saying is don't judge your need to gain or lose beight based on
some clothing company's arbitrary decision of the proper dimensions for a
"size 8"...  my feeling is, if you're 5' 10" and would fit well im my
clothes, you're a pretty sexy lady to begin with...  but if you still feel
you need to lose weight try to find a more meaningful and cosistent way to
measure your progress...  the fashion industry is insanely fickle...  (it
always strikes me as funny that the feet i have an impossible time buying
shoes for, cause most shoe companies think that they're too big to make
shoes for, are also the average size of most "supermodels")  yay fickle
fashion industry...   i have feet the same size the the women you tell me
are gorgeous and sexy, and yet you won't make shoes that fit me???!!!  no
sense...  ;-)  *hugs*

good luck with your decision, but i'm betting that you don't need to lose
that weight at all...   hope i don't sound like i'm preaching....


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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