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Re: [IP] Doctor's kickbacks??

>Does anyone know if doctors get money from the pump companies each time
>they prescribe a pump for their patients.  Just wondering because my
>Doc. didn't hardly mention  a thing about D and he spoke  allot about
>MM.  I wonder if he is biased because of the money incentive.

I don't know if they receive money (sounds highly unethical to me, but hey-
welcome to the modern world!), but my endo seems to be "courted" by the pump
& meter companies on a very regular basis.  When I went to see him about
getting a pump, the MiniMed people had taken him golfing the day before, so
he had a very recent update on their products & upcoming projects.  He told
me that it was up to me, that either company produced a good pump, & he made
sure I had a lot of info available on both.  When I asked his preference, he
said that he favors Disetronic because he likes the "two-pump" system &
because his patients who opt for D seem by & large to have less technical
complications.  Since I trust him & feel he is very up-front with me, I went
with the D...& haven't regretted it for a moment!  :)  No, I'm not trying to
sound anti-MiniMed..I don't really have any personal basis for comparison.
I just know that pumping is incredible- work, yes, but well worth it!
(Sounds kind of like marriage, now that I think about it...)  I am very glad
that I have a doctor who does not seem to actively promote either company,
but allows the patient to make informed decisionss.


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