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Re: [IP] Thoughts on going on a pump!

  I'm looking for some
>freedom and flexibility that I haven't had in forever!  My life up to this
>point in time has revolved around food, when are we going to eat, where are
>we going to eat, what are we going to eat?  Sheesh, I'm so tired of always
>worring about where the next meal is going to be, and having my life
>scheduled around meals.  When we go out with friends, it's always, "Rose
>to eat at noon, Rose has to eat at 5:00, etc."  I want better control and I
>want FLEXIBILITY!  I have been told the pump will give me this.  I can't


Sending you support in the fight to get on a pump...you deserve it!!  I can
remember so many weekends thinking about how wonderful it would be to get to
sleep in once in a while, instead of setting an alarm for BG check &
breakfast.  I've been pumping for the past 2 1/2 months & it is so
incredible to be able to schedule food around your life, as opposed to the
other way around!

A few weeks ago there was a thread running about someone's doctor or endo (I
can't recall which) who favored "the freedom you have with shots" over
pumping- I don't know if you were on here yet, but you might want to look up
some of the response postings to that one to use if you are facing a doctor
who objects to you pursuing a pump.

Best of luck!!


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