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Re: [IP] Feeling "good" with high bg

we are going through this with geneva.  on MDI, she never felt good below
150 because she felt out of control on the 'rollercoaster' downward.
now that she is on the pump, she does not feel comfortable below 100.  when
she tests and is 95 or 97....and I say..it's OK...you corrected yourself to
this number and your basal should hold you there for awhile....she
immediately goes for the lifesaver.  seems that  100  BG  is only
comfortable for her when she is about to eat a meal.

perhaps in time and with maturity she will soon trust her pump and won't
jump for the sugar when she approaches "normal BG levels".

mom to 10 yr. old geneva

>As I've started pumping (and I'm
> still working on it), my average has gone down.  Each time my average
> dropps a little bit, I feel icky for a while, and wish I had higher blood
> glucoses so I would feel good.  I remind myself that I will feel good at
> this new average after I get used to it

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