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[IP] Re: Help please - weight loss :-)

well, I'm not any sort of "diet expert" (should point out I'm not
diabetic either) but I believe that if your body does not get enough
food, you may lose weight over the short term, but then your body will
think it is being starved and slows down your metabolism, so the weight
loss stops. Then when you start to eat normally again, the slowed
metabolism can't keep up and you will gain it right back. Usually it is
best to not skip meals, especially breakfast (as a fellow college
student, I know that's hard sometimes!). I usually try keeping some
baggies of baby carrots, celery sticks etc. Then you can take them with
you easily, munch all you want, and at least have some kind of backup in
case you don't have time to grab a full lunch. Oh yeah, watch out for
those "nutri-grain" type of bars, some are really good and some are full
of "bad" stuff like fat.
Also, keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat, so you can lose
fat, gain muscle, look and feel better, and actually stay the same (or
gain) weight. When I was doing running and playing BBall on a regular
basis I actually weighed 25 lbs more than I do now but looked skinnier. 
Also, as a person who is 5'11" and can get into a size 6 or 8, I will
tell you it is not always a good thing. Sleeves and pant legs are never
long enough and the shoulders are sometimes pretty tight too! I have
better luck with size 10 or 12. Since I am considered underweight by
most charts, I would think that if you can wear a 10 you would be about
Hope you find something useful here, I'm sure YMMV.
ps I agree that DKA does not look at all like the best option here.
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