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Re: [IP] Help please - weight loss :-)

Breakfast is an important meal!  Skipping it is never good. Think 
about this....  if you skip breakfast and wait until lunch at 2pm to 
eat, there are *many* hours since your last meal.  That can slow 
down your metabolism (your body says, hey, I dont know if I'll get 
food anytime soon so I'd better conserve energy) which leads to fat 
formation when you *do* eat. I also read some research articles at 
some point suggesting the women's bodies are especially prone to 
this type of fat storage. Skipping meals can also make you 
hungrier at lunch (thus likely to eat more).

For lunch, here is a tip... a chicken sandwich or something fast 
and easy like that is much better for you than combos.  Calorie-
wise the sandwich might even be less, and nurtition-wise its much 
better for you.  I know it can be difficult in college, but adding 5 
minutes into your morning routine for lunch making might be 
simpler than you think.  I used to do this and even eat lunch in 
class if I didnt have time.  You can hold the sandwich in one hand 
and take notes with the other =)  

You could do the same for dinners.  Its *so* easy to get into the 
habit of dropping by McDonalds for drive thru (been there!).  
Breaking the habit will be good in the long run.  Eating healthy 
choice dinners seems like a good idea.  You didn't mention if you 
have cooking facilites, but if you do, cooking for more than one 
meal is a great timesaver.  I used to make something fast, like rice 
and vegetables, and make enough to eat for a few days.  For even 
more timesaving, measure what you will eat/need of what you 
make into nice little storage containers so you can just toss one 
into the micro.  A dish like rice above is really simple and you 
could even make it entirely in a microwave.  Add a piece of bread if 
you like, or fruit etc and you have a nice, fast, healthy, and 
balanced meal.  There are lots of other things you could make -- Im 
sure if you ask the list you could get plenty of suggestions.

Good luck!!


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