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Re: [IP] geneva's first sils experience

Ruth-- I'm glad the sils are working out for you so far :)  One caution 
though: I was all excited after reading that many people seem to find that 
the tape that comes with it works just fine.  However this turned out not to 
be true for me, as the first time I wore one the tape came loose and pulled 
out.  Plus, I don't like how that tape leaves this weird sticky mess on your 
skin.  So now I use a sandwich technique:  I take a piece of IV 3000, put 
that down first.  Then insert sil through that, then cut a cirle in another 
IV 3000 and put that over the sil before connecting the tubing. This also 
helps it not move around as much.  Then again, my insurance covers all my IV 
3000 so this could get expensive if yours doesn't.  But I think I remember 
you saying that it did?  Make sure you watch the sight carefully when you 
try it without extra tape!!  I found that it wasn't too waterproof either.  
--Gianna :)

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