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[IP] Help please - weight loss :-)

Hello Everyone. I am interested in seeing what
everyone has to say about this: weight loss. I am 20
years old, 5'10", and I would like to lose 15 pounds.
I wear a size 10 in most things, but would feel more
comfortable at an 8.  Any ideas? I have never tried
the DKA thing, and it sounds like although it would be
an effective method, it is not the type of activity
that I should be engaged in. 
I try to watch what and when I eat, as I have always
had to do, but I really want to get some of this
weight off, and what I am doing now just isnt'
working. And, I want to do it as quickly as possible;
but I know that I didn't put the weight on in just 2
weeks, so I can't expect to lose it in 2 weeks either.

I am in college, so I keep late hours, and I tend to
eat late at night. I have started to try to eat only
when I am hungry (which, thanks to my pump, is now
possible). So on an average day, I do not eat
breakfast, and eat lunch around 2, if I eat lunch. If
I do not have time for lunch, then I usually get a
pack of Combos from the vending machine. I do usually
eat dinner - and sometimes it is in the fast food
category, but usually I eat a frozen dinner of some
type - usually Healthy Choice. And then I will eat a
sandwich or a nutri-grain cereal bar or something like
that...but for some reason, it seems like my
metabolism has just shut down this month and no matter
what I eat, it just collects on my body, and never
goes away :) I try to exercise (running and playing
basketball) at least 3 times a week...
If anyone has any ideas on what I can do to lose
weight, please let me know. I anxiously await


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