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[IP] Feeling "good" with high bg

I've been following the whole thread of ketones to lose wieght and feeling
"good" with a high bg closely.  I have to say I agree with Sara completely
in someways, but disagree a bit.  Doing that is an eating disorder
(techincally I think it is bulimia, but I always get slightly confused, I'm
fairly sure self-induced vomiting is just the "least sophicated" form of
purging).  Not all people "try" bulimia and then decide to not do it.  It
does kill.  Sometimes the disease does not allow the people suffering from
it to "pick themselves up by their bootstraps."  If you can try it once and
decide it is not for you like Sara did, that is great (not that you tried
it, but that you won't do it again).  But if you decide it is not that bad,
you need help.

As for the feeling good (or maybe I should say better) with a high blood
glucose than a normal one, I completely agree with that.  Whatever my body
is used to is what it wants to be at.  As I've started pumping (and I'm
still working on it), my average has gone down.  Each time my average
dropps a little bit, I feel icky for a while, and wish I had higher blood
glucoses so I would feel good.  I remind myself that I will feel good at
this new average after I get used to it and that it is much healthier for
me and I will feel better overall in the long run.  And I have a few select
friends that act as back up moral support when it is being particularly
hard to convince myself of this.  I get used to it, and usually by that
time I've dropped my average a little bit more, and feel icky again.
Eventually I will get to my goal, and will try my best to just hang there
until a cure is found.

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