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[IP] plastic thingies

Ruth wrote: 
>  into the trash I go...

after kathie told her:
> You need the clear and the opaque piece. 

No you don't.  I mean you CAN if you want the hassle of tracking down the 
little pluggie things, but you do NOT need to cap the ends....it will most 
likely have no effect whether you do or don't.  I used them on both my tubing 
end, and the catheter end for about 6 months...kept a plastic button set in 
my bathroom, one in my overnight case, one in the butter dish, they were 
EVERYWHERE!!!  and changed it every few weeks or so...this was not 
sterile...nothing can get INTO you, there is a little rubber thing in the 
catheter set that the needle of the tubing plugs into - kinda like putting a 
needle into an insulin bottle. So no dirty tub water, sand or massage oil is 
going to go IN that way, and no insulin is gonna come seeping back out, I 

And as long as you don't dip the end of the tubing in a petrie dish of 
saliva, i doubt you are going to get any serious infection or anything else 
by NOT capping the tubing end...

Just disconnect for the shower, leave the pump running, and when you are 
ready to plug back in, give a small bolus to make sure drops are coming out, 
then plug er in!.  You can either bolus for the missed basal, or wait til the 
next time you check bg and correct for any overage at that time!!!

who now throws those plastic thingies AWAY...SUCH a waste.  they ought to put 
one in the POWER PACKS - make them even more medically necessary and 
covereable as DME.heh heh

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