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[IP] Censorship, almost

Public or private, it is up to you.  Or no response is OK.  

I want to hear peoples opinions and experiences and grow from their
knowledge.  I don't want them to hesitate because of some implied authority
figure might not like it.

Sam, I have found you to be kind, humorous and informative.  You have my
respect as a pumper and a human.  I respect your freedom to express your
personal opinions.  What I object to is the insinuation that the
administration has decided that a particular thread be terminated or that
some subject be disallowed.  When in fact it is a personal position.  

If there are rules that have been violated then the administration could
post a declarative statement correcting the situation.


The peers, that includes the admins, here are quite capable of punishing any
offensive behavior.  


Curtis Lomax

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