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[IP] Censorship, almost

While I don't care if the sex/Mormon/pump/bondage thread continues, I do
care if people are not able to express themselves in an honest, if naive

The thread was perhaps out of hand and the MM comment may not have been PC
but it was attempted humor.  The person probably learned that people are
sensitive to the issue.

Think it was great that someone voiced their concern with the comment and I
think that it was acceptable that people back that position up.  What gets
me, in my open forum craw, is when someone steps in and expresses a personal
opinion and backs it up with the clout of an administrator.

"A little leavening leavens the whole loaf."  This great place is either
open or not.  If it is not then set up the PC filter and keep comments out.
I don't want that, I wont like that and I will protest.  

My opinion is that Admins should voice their opinions, but as individuals.  

Curtis Lomax

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