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Re: [IP] Taking Baths

> If you take a bath, and if you use Silhouettes, you should put that little 
> plug thing back into the part of the silhouette infustion set  that is in 
> your skin....this prevents any bacteria from getting into your infusion set 
> inside and keeps any thing from seeping out.   When you take the sil set 
> out of the package, you will see a sort of plug, which usually gets thrown 
> away.  I always save a couple for my special bath nights, or swimming 
> sessions.

actually this is not the case.. if you look at the structure of the sil...
you will see that the bit of the infusion set that is in your skin has a
rubber membrane over it (like on your insulin vial) and that the connector
piece which attatches the tubing to that site, has a small needle on it
which penetrates that membrane...  while i usually put the cap on the site
in my skin, i don't think it really does a whole lot more than the rubber
itself, particularly considering it has a hole in it.. (just the size that
you could use a longer insulin syringe to deliver insulin into your
infusion set....  which is how i delivered all my insulin in the week i
was pumping saline... (why make extra holes in my skin?))


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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