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[IP] geneva's first sils experience

first of all,

many thanks to pam, gianna, bonnie, nancy and jessica!

sure do appreciate all of your 'sil' advice...especially the one that said
that I did not need to go rooting around the garbage...but I had already
done so.

the blood disappeared, thank goodness.  and the only problem that we had was
her injection of 3.5 units of H after she had gotten up to 504 was prob. a
bit aggressive..given that her basals from 8-11 pm are  0.9.

she hit 63 at 11 pm.
after treatment of milk and strawberry quick..(16 cho)...her numbers were
fine from 2 am until 7 am.   awoke to 122!

so I guess I have to go back in the archives and re learn all the stuff
about sils now.

like...will the tape hold on its own...or do we need to use extra on top?
can she sit in the bathtub without it coming loose?

I will start collecting the little caps now.  using an empty test strip
container for now as storage.

again...many many thanks for your ideas/help.

mom to geneva who is comfortably wearing a sils today.
now...if the site just lasts longer than 2 1/2 days.  4 would be terrific!

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