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[IP] Re: support group meeting & early diagnosis

>now it seems as if children are being diagnosed
>younger and younger than the previously stated 2 years and older.  Is this a
>trend we should be concerned about?  I wonder if their are environmental
>factors causing this to happen?  Just speculation, but would like to hear
>others ideas.

Well, since you asked :) here is one thought. Be advised though that it
is just an idea and I don't have any facts to back this up, maybe
someone else more knowledgeable can back this up or refute it...
I seem to recall about a year ago seeing a tv program where they stated
that children with family history of diabetes who were breastfed had
lower chances of actually developing diabetes (or had later onset) than
others who were bottlefed. Something about the mother's milk helping the
immune system. Is it possible that more children are bottlefed today and
this is in some way contributing? Or is this another of those "old
wives' tales"? I know that the following does NOT IN ANY WAY constitute
scientific evidence, but I will throw it out there anyway (in hopes that
others will also share): My husband was bottlefed and developed
diabetes. His brother was breastfed and at 28 still shows no signs of
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