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Re: [IP] orange juice

I've read that orange juice, and grape juice have primarily glucose
as the main sugar.   But, many other fruits, including apples,  tend 
to be primarily fructose (amoung other various sugars).

Something else I read somewhere, that I will try to recall, is that 
fructose is worthless for bring someone out of hypoglycemia.  Supposedly, 
fructose has two biochemical routes to get converted to glucose.  The 
primary one is when the liver stores it as glycogen, and then relases 
it from the glycogen as glucose.  The other way is a VERY SLOW enzymatic 
conversion to glucose.  The main point of what I read, was to stress 
that when a person is hypo, their body is in the mode of retreiving 
glucose from glycogen, and not producing glycogen.  Under those 
circumstances, fructose is not quickly converted to glucose, and may not 
offer that much help in relieving hypoglycemia.  However, fruit juices
usually have other types of sugars as well, besides fructose, so you
might still benefit from apple juice, and not go sky high...

NOTE: I am recalling something I had heard elsewhere - and I am not 
speaking this authoritatively!!!  YMMV!



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