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[IP] Sites that hurt

Our experience with sites that hurt is that they're almost always in too
deep.  My 10 year old has very little body fat, so a slight change in the
angle of a sil / Tender makes a big difference.  She hates using them on her
stomach, because she just doesn't have any fat there at all.  So, we use
them on the upper / outer portion of her buttocks, where there's at least a
little fat, and they're fine.    Of course, you have to make sure there's no
infection when a site hurts - if it's red or has pus, then that's a bigger

What kind of infusion sets is she using?

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 10

<<My daughter (age 8) has only been pumping about a week (two days on
and it seems with her that after about 2 days, she complains the site
"hurts".  I'm not sure it is extremely painful or just starts to get tender.
Anyone's thoughts on this would help me too!>>

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