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[IP] Does a pump really help???

For most of us already on the pump, the answer to my subject question is 
usually a loud and resounding "YES!!!!"  But for those still thinking 
about whether a pump is a good idea or not, I have some personal results 
to report on.  I have only been pumping for about 2 months.  My blood 
sugar has been much more stable and my average has been lower since 
starting on the pump.  To test how well I was doing, I had an A1c run 
the day I started and another one 6 weeks into pumping.  On day one of 
testing, my A1c was 7.9.  At 6 weeks, it was 7.3.  Not bad, I would say.  
But I WILL be under 7 when I have my next A1c at 12 weeks after 

Does a pump really help?  Are you kidding?

Bob Goodman
San Francisco Bay Area 
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