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[IP] MM508 batteries: conservation methods

I spoke with MM recently, and was wondering how long a set of the
3 "357" batteries would last in the 508 pump.  Here's a few things 
that affect battery life:

1) Beep versus vibrate alarms
   The beep alarms use less current, and vibrate uses more.
   Use beep alarms to extend battery life.
   Also, if you can, use a lower beep "volume", but don't risk
   NOT hearing an alarm!!

2) RF device (remote control)
   If you are NOT using the remote control, shut off this option
   on your pump.  Leaving this enabled, and not using it, wastes
   battery life.

3) Display light.  
   The less you use the display light at night, the longer the 
   batteries will last.

4) Total insulin delivered...
   While this is not something you want to skimp on, the more insulin
   you use, the more often the stepper motor "clicks".  The less total
   amount of insulin delivered - the longer the batteries will last....

I am not using vibrate alarms, not using the RF remote, and have only
used the light maybe twice.   With those conditions, the MM support
person gave a battery life guesstimate of ~6-8 weeks....  


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