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[IP] Exercises for Frozen Shoulder

My PT started me out by me bending over and hanging onto a weight and 
swinging my arm back and forth and around. This helped to loosen things up. 
Then I used the pulley on the door and woul pull upwards and outwards until 
it hurt but after a few times I noticed I was getting progressively further 
movement upwards. Then he added an exercise where I held on to a straight 
stick (one of the kid's broken hockey stick handles worked great- about 3 
feet long) and raised my arms upward hanging on while holding it. The next 
one added was to lie flat and and hold my hands together in front of me and 
raise them above my head and back to touch the surface above my head. It 
took a while to achieve this and it did hurt but it was not all that bad 
considering I have 95% motion regained and no pain at night now. Each 
exercise was added on a weekly basis and I did them for 10 times each twice 
a day.
This is what worked for me and you may be different but with the help of a 
PT they could give you guidance particular to your situation. There were 
also other exercises but they are hard to describe here. This will give you 
an idea of the types of exercises. I started this soon after the problem 
started. The longer you leave it, the more "frozen' it can become until you 
may not have a choice but to have it freed up under anesthetic.

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