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[IP] loose vs. lose was BIZARRE ?

First of all, can we please all remember that, for most of us, English is our 
mother tongue and that proper usage of it is greatly appreciated by us nit 

"Loose" - rhymes with goose, as in "I have lost so much weight, my pants are 

"Lose" = rhymes with ooze, as in "My pants are getting tight, I need to lose 
some weight."

Your attention to this is matter will be noted...
NPA (nit pickers of America)

SECONDLY (and you thought that was all I had to say....)

Y'all have been talking about what happens when you *intentionally* put 
yourself into DKA to lose weight.  Most people have been writing back saying 
may concur, I would never tell anyone to do or NOT do something - you have to 
understand your options and make your own choice...If you have never 
experienced DKA, I PERSONALLY don't think you should just "wonder" about it - 
Just cuz 90% of the people of the list have written in to say this is a BAD 
thing, if you don't know, first hand, you are not going to get "it."    

I agree that it is a HORRIBLE (albeit effective) way to lose weight, but like 
someone said, it is VERY COMMON with females of the diabetic persuasion.  I 
am not ashamed to admit that I did it as a junior in college.  It was one of 
the most valuable learning experiences of my life, and as I always say, life 
is a series of NON-FATAL accidents.  I just stopped taking all of my 
shots...just one or two here and there, and lower doses...In 2 weeks I had 
lost 17 pounds - YIPPEEE, but, most importantly, I FELT LIKE SHIT!!! (pardon 
the french, but that is the only word that accurately describes how I felt).  
This was NOT the normal tired, draggy, thirsty way I had lived my life for 
the first 9 years. I finally called my doctor and he "suggested" I test my 
ketones, which is something I rarely did, and LO AND BEHOLD, they were LARGE 
- we are talking black!  The doc shrieked at me to get to the hospital NOW.  
I was like, why, am I sick?  I feel like this ALL the time..."You are in 
keto-acidosis"  I was like, OH!!!  a LIGHT goes on in my head and all of a 
sudden, I made the CONSCIOUS connection - the realization of WHAT high blood 
sugar FELT like - I made that Helen Keller connection of a particular hand 
movement meaning W-A-T-E-R, if you see the analogy.

I went to the hospital, and was plugged into an IV and regained 10 of those 
17 pounds in less than 3 days, and had to endure lots more shrieking from 
doctors, BUT I learned an important lesson....I now KNEW what "they" were 
always "talking about."  I was capable of reading and listening as well as 
the next person, but to really understand, I NEED to experience...and I most 
certainly experienced.  It is like learning a foreign language using a text 
book...you can learn the rules and codes and proper grammar, but can't really 
learn how to communicate until you actually get in conversation with someone!

This was the beginning of my diabetes reawakening...I still did not test on a 
regular basis, but I KNEW when I felt high that I needed insulin...rather 
than ignore it almost totally as I had, I started going by how I FELT, which 
as I know now isn't always reliable, and I probably gained even more weight, 
cuz I was now over-insulinating my self..."shoot I feel high, I need 20 units 
of insulin" (which today is more than 1/2 my daily intake of insulin)

I am now "in control" (as much as I can be) and feel like crap when I am 
higher than 225/250, but it is still fortunately a trigger for me to go check 
my bg...I may have done all the right stuff at lunch, but it is 2 hours 
later...and I feel ooogy...I normally wait at least 2 1/2 hours to 3 after a 
meal bolus, but if I have that "feeling" then I know to check...maybe my 
reservoir was empty, or I have an air bubble or a bad site...but it is the 
FEELING that I never could equate to anything prior to my one DKA experience 
that triggers my actions now.

Now before you all get on the band wagon and shame me for encouraging bad 
behavior, I am not...You all know I don't ever tell anyone what to do - only 
my own experiences.  I am encouraging finding out about something for your 
own self, if you really want to know.  If you are harborng this thought that 
DKA is a reasonable way to lose weight...go for it...just remember to quit 
before you slide all the way into a coma, please!!!  A thin corpse is still a 
corpse!  There are probably people on this list who have never had bg over 
300, and have never felt that horrible sinking, swirling feeling of being 
sucked down into high bg..  I am not one of them, but I tell ya what, I know 
what it feels like and I avoid it like the plague now.

BESIDES...the problem with losing weight this way is that your body is 
literally STARVED of glucose as all that sugar rolling around in your blood 
can't get used without the insulin, and you pee it out.  The minute you do 
start taking insulin again, the body can see all that glucose and CLAMPS down 
on it and stores it away as FAT in case you ever go into "starvation" again.  
This is why those protein diets don't work.  Your body does not work 
efficiently on protein/fat/ketones, and thinks it is starving...

Someone wrote
> Don't even CONSIDER it!!!!!  It is not even an option.  

Yes it is.  This here is America, land of the free, home of the nutso.  But 
you HAVE to know what you are getting yourself into.  Complications aside, 
the way you FEEL when you are high should be enough of a deterrent.  It is 
for me!!  There is NO easy way to lose weight, and it is particularly hard 
for us cuz we are always balancing that line of keeping the liver in check so 
it doesn't dump glycogen when we really want to burn fat during a workout.

> Take a look at reading some books on body images.  
> Yours is probably a little off if you have even considered this.

Well, it certainly is not any one of OUR's faults.  It is society and the 
images we see on tv and in movies and magazines.  If you have a warped self 
image - welcome to the rest of the female american population....The ones 
that don't are the rare ones.

Just think...MORE CUSHION FOR THE PUSHIN'!!  and I mean pushin' as in pushin' 
in that insertion needle...ughhhh I can not imagine doing it if I didn't have 
my padding around my middle...ewwww gross!!!  what organ am I sticking it 

who could really stand to lose some weight, and the gym is NOT helping!!!  
workouts are down to $41.18 each and counting!
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