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[IP] support group meeting & early diagnosis

Went to a Houston support group meeting last night in Houston, about an hour
and a half from my home, mainly because my daughters ped-endo was the
speaker.  The main topic was "freedom", especially during the Holidays.  Now
I have to quote him here when he said he was "First dragged kicking and
screaming into putting his first two young patients on the pump, but now
would recommend it to many of his young patients based on their ability and
their parents ability to utilize it best."  Of course Jessica was one of
those who dragged him kicking and screaming :)  I was completely thrilled to
see how Jessica's success made him much more pro-pump that he had previously
been.  He made many references to Jess and when it was over, everyone wanted
to talk to me and Jess and I ended up handing out ALL of my children with
diabetes business cards I had, and I had written the insulin pumpers website
on the back. Hopefully we see some of these wonderful parents here in the
next few days.  What I was truly amazed at was the diagnosis age of the
majority of these children...many of them were diagnosed between 11 and 14
months of age!!  I know Jess was diagnosed at 9 months old, and back then it
set a record in this area...now it seems as if children are being diagnosed
younger and younger than the previously stated 2 years and older.  Is this a
trend we should be concerned about?  I wonder if their are environmental
factors causing this to happen?  Just speculation, but would like to hear
others ideas.

Mom of Jessica, age 7, diagnosed @ 9 months, pumping 1.4 year 

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