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[IP] Sils and SofSets

gianna marzilli wrote:
> good luck with the sils -- I haven't decided
> whether I prefer them or not.  they're a bit more convenient but . . .seem
> to irritate me more. 

I'm still trying to come to the same decision. 

Seems to me that the Sils are nice because of the on-site disconnect and
the small amount of tape. 

But the SofSets are nice because they leave a smaller, less irritated
wound, which heals up quicker.

I THINK I've made the discovery that what I'm allergic to is the plastic
of the tape, and not the adhesive. 

So I've been inserting the SofSets through Hypafix, which is a paper
tape, and have had NO itching from it. The Sils also use Hypafix, or
something similar, except for the round plastic window. 

Next time I try a Sil, I'm gonna insert it through Hypafix as well, and
see what happens. 

Good luck! 
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