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Re: [IP] doing sils for first time / blood

Hi Ruth,

Our nine year old daughter has used sils exclusively since she started 
pumping in June.  If you continue to use sils you'll be amazed at all the 
places those little caps end up....the laundry, the silverware drawer, coat 
pockets....all these in addition to the kit they're supposed to be kept in.  

I hope that everything went well last night.  We've never had blood come up 
in the cannula.  We do go in at about a 15- 20 degree angle.  Kids that don't 
have much extra fat around the insertion site don't need to go in at 25-30 
degrees like you might read.  

Lauren also doesn't put her pump in suspend for showers.  We just let it run 
and reconnect afterwards.  We've never had any problems with this.  

Hope this makes sense.  I'm a bit sleep deprived.  Lauren had a serious 
workout at basketball practice last night and I was up about 5 times checking 
her BS (and giving her glucose twice) to make sure she didn't go too low.  I 
cut her basal by about 60% over night and it still wasn't quite enough.  I've 
really got to get this figured out....  :-)

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