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What about the Weight? (was)Re: [IP] A BIZARRE ...

In a message dated 11/8/99 11:39:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Sometimes I wish for an easy way to get the weight off, but I enjoy the 
 feeling of "normal" so much with this pump, that I don't even mind dealing 
 with this in a normal way.   >>
Very significant philosophical question here....One of the new "pump moms" 
commented the other night how incredulous she was that our long-time pumping 
kids basically ate "anything" & that she was dismayed at how her 13 yr old 
son's "healthy diet" had deteriorated since he began pumping. I responded 
that I viewed it in terms of  non-diabetic adults following a "diet" to lose 
weight.....the vast majority of whom could NOT sustain that structured 
pattern forever, and eventually resorted to their "old patterns" & regained 
the lost weight...... If my daughter has gained a few pounds ( and some of 
the other teens admittedly have gained more than "a few") because she's now 
able to eat like a "normal junk-food grazing teen & do what her peers are 
doing, then to me that's FAR more therapeutic psychologically for her than 
strict adherence to a diet regimen. Because she has the "freedom" to choose, 
she never went through a "rebellion" stage (not so far!) hiding food in her 
room, raiding the refrigerator, etc. such as I hear from other parents of 
teens ( not on pumps I should add!)...Knowing that one family even resorted 
to putting a padlock on their refrigerator when their daughter was a teen was 
enough to convince me NOT to force my daughter into a rigid inflexible 
life-style! Melissa's lack of exercise & her choices of junk foods for snacks 
are the "cause" of the weight gain "effect".....and she knows it.......and 
for now, she's OK with that (as long as it remains at only 5 lbs! LOL)....far 
too many adults never learn that all-important "life lesson" of 
accountability for their own actions, so by allowing her this "freedom" that 
seems so outrageous to parents of kids still on MDI, I am hopefully 
instilling that self-awareness....
   off the soapbox....but once again, I state my case that diabetes is "only" 
10% mechanics (no offense to engineers, Michael!) and 90% all the other 
"stuff" that goes into the mix!!

Regards, Renee (pump-mom)
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