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[IP] Skittles are great! Exercise foods?

Andrea (14 years old) finds that GU stays with her on the long runs (over 4 
miles) as long as she doesn't have to bolus within the hour before the run.  
Don't know what makes GU different from the other power gels, but it works 
for her.  Has anyone tried the new Extend bars or even Nitebites for longer 
runs --- or do these release too slowly????  She usually simply disconnects 
for anything under 60 minutes -- then as you say, does a small post run bolus 
depending on the BG reading.  I keep reminding  her that even runners without 
diabetes will go "low" during long runs (she carries extra glucose tablets 
for her running friends -- usually adults).  Any tips are appreciated.

Liz B.
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