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[IP] long bouts of exercise


Exercise is definitely a your mileage may vary scenario, but I'll share with
you my experiences to give you a starting point of what to expect... others
might want to chime in their exercise scenarios too ;)

In general for short bouts of exercise - jogging, hockey, rollerblading,
etc - I suspend my pump (or disconnect) for the duration.  If I have had a
recent bolus in the last 3-4 hours then I also need to eat 25 g. of

Now for longer bouts of exercise - long hikes and the like, I CANNOT stay
disconnected for the duration - there comes a point where I have to kick in
a basal (usually at 50%) or I will skyrocket.  If I don't suspend for those
initial few hours, I crash.  If I snack during any of that time period I
usually bolus 25-50% of what it should be without exercise.

I remember one marathoner mentioning that he takes an enormous bolus at the
22nd mile - this is probably a slightly different scenario than hiking.
Hiking is a slower paced form of exercise - the need to kick in a basal
comes from a lack of insulin from being suspended for so long probably more
than anything else.  For a marathoner it is probably due to the liver
kicking in glucose because the body is so physically stressed - so the large
bolus is to counteract that.

Get a fanny pack to carry a small meter (fasttake is nice) and lots of
glucose just in case - and start out slowly - test before, during and after
exercise at a bare minimum and hopefully your pattern will emerge...

The pump is an athlete's best friend!

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