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What you refer to is called Diabetic Anorexia.  I suffer from this
condition.  I had been doing this from the time I was in my early twenties.
It wasn't until my daughter was about 6, that her pediatrician, my former
doctor and a physician I worked for, handed me an article in a medical
journal that described this.  It has been a constant battle all these years
for me just as it is with someone who is just anorexic (the only difference
is I don't have to shove my fingers down my throat to get the desired

This type of anorexia is just as bad, if not worse.  The damage that is
caused by this is quicker and deadlier than you can imagine.  I would go
months, if not years in one constant high with ketones to keep myself thin.
Diabetic complications are induced a lot quicker while doing this.  I
have/had several diabetic friends who turned me on to this and they are all
either dead or have both feet in the grave with complications that are
unbearable to deal with.  My best friend Virginia died 9 years ago from
this.  Within one year of starting she developed kidney failure and died
just before x-mas.

It has been a constant fight to not do it and  every turn I have had to
fight off the urge.  It took and still takes a lot of counseling to keep
myself from doing it now, but thankfully I now understand it and when I have
a problem I think of my daughter and how much I want to see her go up and
become a beautiful woman.

I have been lucky.  I got help in time to prevent most of the complications
that occur from this.  I have had retinopathy in one eye and totally lost my
vision in that eye because of it.  I don't plan on having any more.

Please don't even think of trying it.


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