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Re: [IP] doing sils for first time / blood

little plastic protector cap that she puts on the pump tubing end while
>showering?  where do y'all keep it?

  Ruth-- I keep mine in a tiny little tupperware thing in the toothbrush 
drawer.  With the cover on.

>and if she does NOT suspend while in shower for about 10 min.  if the
>protector cap is on the tubing end...will this cause a 'backup' problem? 
> >can she just leave the pump on the bathroom counter and let the insulin 
>drip >out so we don't have to prime again?

  I don't know about the cap-- I never put it on the tubing part in the 
pump.  But I still need to prime before reconnecting, even when I don't 
suspend.  If I don't, the insulin travels back up the tube and I could lose 
half a unit before the pressure would bring it back down.

>thanks for all of you west coasters or late night easterners for your 

  Late night??? try early morning . . .it's 1:20 am right now on the east 
coast . . .why am I still up anyway? Oh, right.  I slacked on my english 
papers and the quarter ends tomorow :)  one down, two to go.  all nighter, 
anyone??  --Gianna  p.s. good luck with the sils -- I haven't decided 
whether I prefer them or not.  they're a bit more convenient but . . .seem 
to irritate me more.  I don't need ice though :)

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